In collaboration with former military special-forces, tactical operators and security consultants, we are able to provide you a range of tactical support, from movements with tactical equipment, gear recommendation, infiltration and site-security.

Tactical Parkour
This is created for individuals or organisations whose line of work requires them to physically move around, especially in the urban environment. Unlike the standard Parkour training where you train with comfortable sports attire, you are require to train with what you wear to while “at work”. It’s highly recommended that participles have at least acquire a strong level in Parkour basics beforehand. This is especially beneficial to:

Site Security
Security cameras may be the popular choice in this technological advanced age, but the physical barriers of a facility are still both the first and last defence, whether you are preventing people from escaping or gaining access. Most of the “security measures” such as the facility walls you seen everywhere assumed that the average person isn’t physically capable to scaling a 6 feet wall to either escape or gaining illegal access, and also gives the inhabitants a false sense of security.

To find out if your facility’s security measures are effective, we will attempt to “infiltrate” from every possible way, and provide an analysis. Every kind of facilities can be tested, like: